Top Smartphone Trends Of 2017

2017 has been a fascinating year for both, the consumers as well as the smartphone manufacturers. We demanded more and the tech giants pushed their limits to give us more. There is not much you can do on a rectangular slab with a screen on it but still, we got a variety of smartphones. With 18:9 (I don’t know why we don’t cancel them out and just call it 2:1!) being the new standard display ratio to dual cameras, there was a lot going around this year. Let’s take a look at the top smartphone trends of 2017!

“All Screen Displays” – less of body, more of screen

Galaxy Note Edge
Samsung Galaxy Note Edge

Remember Samsung Galaxy Note Edge? The smartphone with a bleeding screen off its edge at the right side. I’d say the journey of “all screen displays” began from the Korean giant’s Note Edge. Consumers liked that design language and it brought us the Galaxy S6 Edge – a more refined design of the Note Edge with bleeding edge design on both its sides. 

Fast forward to 2017 – a rollercoaster of year – waiting for the Infinity Display Galaxy S8 or Apple’s anniversary iPhone X to appear, and everyone placing their bets on an “all-screen” design. This trend is going to stay in the upcoming year. Some like it, some not. While the bigger, taller displays are good to have, it affects the phone’s battery life. Having a screen meant for a bigger body trapped inside a smaller footprint means more pixels, which in turn means more battery consumption. 

The displays might look gorgeous and eye catching, but every coin has two sides. The other side here being battery consumption.

Smartphone Trends 2017 “Dual Cameras” – two is better than one. Or is it?

Galaxy Note 8
Galaxy Note 8

Another trend for this year was the use of two primary cameras on almost every flagship device – with Google’s Pixel 2 lineup being the exception. This trend began last year but only made its way to the budget devices this year. Almost every phone launched this year had a dual camera setup on the back.

It does help a user to capture amazing photographs, but is it a necessity? Do I see it continuing for next year? Maybe or maybe not. Google Pixel 2 had the best camera on any smartphone this year – hands down. And Google managed to do this with only one primary camera on the back.

How? They used AI for image processing. What other manufacturers did with dual camera setup, Google did it better with only a single camera combined with AI. Not only on the back camera, but their Portrait Mode on the front one was equally impressive and better than others.

So this trend might eventually die in likes of AI.

Few Other Notable Trends

Razor Phone 120Hz display
Razor Phone 120Hz display

A few other notable trends are the glut of startups – like Essential, RED or Razer – that brought us some really amazing phones. Each one had its unique feature like 120Hz display on the Razor phone! 

More features brought higher average prices for our phones, as manufacturers kept adding premium all-glass bodies, fast and wireless charging options, more memory, second cameras at the back and front, HDR-certified displays, and unique identifiers like Face ID or curved Infinity Display designs.

Now, Looking forward to 2018, we might get our first true ‘foldable phone’ and the other exciting feature could be under-the-glass fingerprint scanners. Vivo is supposed to showcase one in CES 2018 which is just a couple of weeks away and OnePlus 6 is already rumored to launch with an Underglass Fingerprint scanner.

Which of these were your favorite smartphone trends for 2017?

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