Personalize Android phone with your location’s bird’s eye view as live wallpaper


There are perks of being an Android user. How do you differentiate your phone from the n number of exactly-same looking Android phones out there? That’s right! You customize.

You customize your phone according to your taste and use to make it satisfyingly yours. Physical customization aside, Android offers a range of apps to make your phone truly yours. From icon packs to themes – Android has  it all. Today, we have found one such app that beautifies the look of the background of your phone.

Skyline is no usual live wallpaper app. It is a fairly new live wallpaper app which grabs 3D terrain data from Mapbox for your exact location. So you can see what it looks like from high above wherever you are in the world. Interesting, isn’t it?

Android App Skyline

Features of Skyline app as described on their app page include:

  • World Wide 3D Terrain Via Mapbox
    Input your dream location name or coordinate and you are set. (You can set any location on the planet to get a different background)
  • Scene Shift
    Animated when unlocking your phone or swipes on your launcher pages.
  • Parallax Effect
    Have a sense of depth by rotating your phone.
  • System UI Theme Support
    On Oreo 8.1 and later version of Android, system UI theme will change based on current terrain color.

Depending on how you use it, the results can be breathtaking. It’s available on the Google Play Store for ₹130. You can certainly give it a try.

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