Intel no longer the largest chip maker in the world

Samsung yesterday announced record yoy 2nd quarter 2017 profits driven mainly by chip business and OLED panel but aside from the huge profits it made, Samsung also dethroned Intel as the world’s leading chip maker.

Industry watchers attribute this success of Samsung to developing next-gen DRAM and NAND flash chips for a wide variety of devices including its rivals in the mobile industry.

Intel has been the world’s top silicon maker since 1992, but with the declining sales of personal computers and the rise of smartphones, Samsung’s diverse portfolio has grown and its business – benefited from these developments. Ask yourself, do you use PCs more or mobile phones?

“The boom of the cloud computing, virtual reality and self-driving automobile industries is also expected to lend support to Samsung’s strong position going forward,” reports the KoreaHerald, citing industry watchers

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