Here is what we need for future – A self charging smartwatch


We have reached a phase where wearable technology is on our wrists, specs, waists, shoes and what not! If there’s something which hasn’t developed in the past few years it’s Battery! We have got better screens, better designs, better cameras but battery.

Much like smartphones, smartwatches too, have a battery problem. They don’t last long and end up plugged to the power source in a day or two.

To tackle this problem, Sequent looked towards movements in traditional watches to create a kinetic battery system for its smartwatch.

Sequent’s futuristic smartwatch charges as you move around. It comes with all the standard smartwatch features like heart rate sensor, activity tracker, Bluetooth, GPS and a notification system.

As cool as it sounds the big question here is how long can it go with little or no movement before its dead? How long will it take to recharge at that point?

The company says watches will start at $438 when it hits retail. No words on global availability yet.

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