Get the Pixel 2 Portrait Mode on OnePlus 3/3T, Moto G5S Plus and other non-pixel Oreo devices

In the past year or year and a half, Portrait Mode has been ‘a thing’ among smartphone photographers. And the device which totally nailed it with its camera was Google’s Pixel 2/2 XL. The Pixel 2’s camera is one of its most amazing features thanks to Google’s excellent software accompanying it.

Portrait Mode creates bokeh-effect resulting in images with focused foregrounds and blurred backgrounds. The Google’s version was exclusive to the Pixel 2. Now it can be ported to Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P, thanks to Charles Chow. The Camera NX V7.3 apk can be installed on the Nexus 5X, 6P and the original Pixels.

The above mentioned app is based on the Google Camera. Chow outlined how he created his app on his website (via Android Police), and provided a link to the apk file over at Android File Host

Meanwhile, a developer over at the XDA Developersforums, Arnova8G2, has managed to expand the app even further, bringing it to several non-Google handsets. It seems that 64-bit devices running Android Oreo can take advantage of the revised version of the app, though it works only for the rear camera and not for the front as of now. We have tested the apk for non-pixel devices on OnePlus 3T and it wokrs pretty well. The bokeh-effect doesn’t seem fake at all (unlike some dual-camera enabled smartphones). 

The process to download and install the apk isn’t combursome at all. You have to just install the app and the Portrait Mode option should appear in its hamburger (3 dots) menu. Do leave a comment below mentioning your device name and tell us if it worked for you or not.

Download Camera NX (For devices other than the Pixel and Nexus)

Download Camera NX v7.3 (For Pixel and Nexus 5X/6P)


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  1. I have downloaded the app and installed but it does not work properly, I have Oneplus 3T running on Oreo 8.0.0 still it gives a dialog box that Camera NX has stopped working. Help me.

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